"What is my Injury Case Worth?"

This question is probably the most frequently asked question a personal injury lawyer gets!


And the answer to this question is never simple but requires a detailed examination of the facts and circumstances involving the crash, fall, or incident for each client. Each case is different as the facts of each case are different. Even a “clear liability” case may have a twist or turn that makes it not so clear. For example: the person causing the injury (tortfeasor) may have been intoxicated or impaired at the time of the crash to such an extent that punitive damages are recoverable.


This may be unknown to the injured party, but well known to the insurance carrier and adjuster.  Or unknown to the injured person, the insurance carrier has a witness or some other evidence to support a contributory negligence defense. But could also be a sudden emergency defense to the contributory negligence defense! The smallest notation in a medical or hospital record may increase the settlement value of a case 10-fold or 100-fold.  All these important details may be overlooked or unknown without investigation and, in some cases, discovery in litigation.


Ultimately, settlement value of a case is based on jury value – “What would the jury decide is fair compensation for an injury?” is the ultimate question. And the short answer to that question is, it depends. It depends on the parties. It depends on the jury. It depends on the evidence. And it depends on the lawyer.


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