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Pedestrian accidents can occur when you least expect them, turning a routine stroll or daily errand into a life-altering event.


At Slaughter & Lupton Law, PLLC we recognize the frequency and severity of these incidents and the profound impact they have on victims. Slaughter and Lupton have decades of experience in litigating pedestrian accident cases in Virginia and North Carolina courts. The Slaughter & Lupton Law, PLLC team is dedicated to providing support and legal guidance during this challenging time, offering a complimentary initial consultation to assess your case.

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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents often result from the negligence of drivers.

Common actions by drivers that lead to harm to pedestrians include:

Distracted driving
Aggressive driving
Failing to yield
Ignoring pedestrians
Ignoring pedestrian crossing signs
Ignoring traffic signals or attempting to “beat the light”
Driving under the influence
Making unsafe turns
Ignoring traffic laws

Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents

The injuries sustained by pedestrians vary based on the type and severity of the accident.

Common injuries include:

Cuts and lacerations
Fractured and broken bones
Head injuries
Traumatic brain injuries
Back injuries
Spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis
Internal injuries

Injuries to pedestrians are often more severe than other types of accidents. Usually in pedestrian accident injuries a motor vehicle collides with the pedestrian. Car, Truck, or SUV versus Human is no contest and the results can be life-threatening. Medical treatment is frequently necessary. Some injuries may have long-term or permanent consequences, taking years or never fully healing.
In the most tragic situations, pedestrian accidents can lead to the death of a loved one.

In these heartbreaking circumstances, the family may have reasons to file a wrongful death claim.

Taking Immediate Action

We know how overwhelming and traumatic it can be to experience an accident as a pedestrian.

Your health and well-being should be your top priority. Seeking immediate medical attention can aid in your recovery and guarantee that you receive the compensation you deserve.

In addition to focusing on your health, it's also important to gather and document any evidence of the accident. This can be extremely beneficial in filing an insurance claim or pursuing legal action.

Determining Liability

Pedestrians often face a hard road, legally speaking. Both Virginia and North Carolina have specific laws governing the right of way between vehicles and pedestrians. Both states require pedestrians to cross in crosswalks or at intersections to have the right-of-way. Often even when a pedestrian follows the traffic laws, a negligent driver will “blame the victim” arguing that the pedestrian “came out of nowhere,” or “didn’t yield to my vehicle!” Insurance carriers look for any reason they can to argue contributory negligence by the pedestrian. Legally, the individuals responsible for causing the accident bear responsibility.

Potential Compensation

Following a pedestrian accident, there may be insurance available to cover your damages and provide you full compensation including compensation for your physical pain, mental anguish and emotional suffering, and financial losses.

Compensatory damages cover both economic (medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, etc.) and non-economic damages (pain & suffering, emotional distress, etc.).

Hiring an Attorney


If you were injured due to a negligent driver, contact the lawyers with decades of litigation experience representing pedestrians injured by vehicles.

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