Virginia Beach Hit & Runs

What To Do After A Hit & Run in Virginia

Virginia Beach Hit & Runs: What To Do After A Hit & Run in Virginia

It’s summertime in Virginia Beach, which means many drivers are heading to the beach and enjoying time in the sun! You round up your family, beach towels, and sunscreen for a day at the Oceanfront.

You park your car on the side of the street, pay for parking at the kiosk, and make your way to the sandy shores.


After cooling down in the water and earning that well-deserved relaxing time on the beach, you call it a day and return to your car.


You buckle up (and make sure your vehicle occupants are too).

You start your car.

You check and adjust your mirrors.

You start to pull out of the space when a car comes barrelling down the street out of nowhere and hits your driver’s side headlight!


In shock, you keep cool and check your passengers and yourself for any injuries. You pull your car safely back into the space, get out to assess the damages and speak to the driver at fault. But, where did they go? They sped off and left you with damage to your car.


If this happens to you, you are the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run in Virginia Beach. 


What do you do?


What To Do After a Virginia Beach Hit & Run

For decades, the attorneys at Slaughter & Lupton Law have been expertly handling car accident injuries – including hit and runs.


Here are some general guidelines following a hit-and-run:


  1. Remain calm and check for injuries.
  2. If you have injuries, call 911 for emergency services. Get any necessary medical treatment!
  3. Document your vehicle’s damages and as much detail as you can about the incident and the other vehicle involved.
  4. File a police report.
  5. Talk to an experienced car accident injury attorney.

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